Our Schools

Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) is established with a firm belief that there is nothing more pious than providing education. At JLU, diversity is valued, multiculturalism celebrated, and the integrity of the individual respected. JLU is a practice based university which carries forward the legacy of our parent body ‘Jagran Social Welfare Society’ (JSWS) in being the pioneers in provision of quality education. 
Industry Based Curriculum

At JLU Bhopal, the curriculum for each individual course has been designed by a perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry leaders who now constitute our respective Academic board for each school. 

Faculty with Global Expertise

Our internationally competitive programs are delivered by global faculty members allowing each student to create his or her own intellectual space and foster academic growth in their chosen fields of study.

Global Teaching Methodology

JLU follows a credit-based grading system prevalent in the best institutions globally. The University is always keen to ensure that teaching is innovative and effective with an approach that fosters skills in group working and collaboration, self – direction, reasoning, critical reflection, knowledge acquisition and application.

Interdisciplinary Studies

JLU encourages students to study inter disciplinary academic or non academic modules offered by various schools, thus enabling students to work across subjects, to break down traditional barriers and push findings further.

International Partnerships

The University's bilateral partnerships and agreements with world class universities and international institutions enable visits by academic staff, cultural exchange, joint research and international student exchange programs.

Vibrant on Campus Student Life

JLU is proud to offer a vibrant campus life, which includes a large number of educational, cultural, athletic and social activities on campus, designed to enrich and augment classroom and laboratory studies. Through various schemes such as 'Buddy System', 'Open Days' and 'Induction Week' we ensure that every student finds the transition to student life on campus comfortable and organized.

Hi-Tech Campus with World Class Facilities

The JLU campus has world-class learning resources and social facilities that give students an excellent academic experience. The ambience and facilities are among the best anywhere in the country and have been a testament to our long-term commitment to providing an excellent student experience. 

Excellent Career Paths

Our JLU Centre for Professional Skills provides personalized career guidance by sketching a unique career progression path for every student. Through our unique Industry Mentoring Program, student benefit from the expertise and experience of industry heads who continually monitor individual student growth.