Lakecity Voice: It's Live..Worldwide!

The University believes in imparting its values through practice and over years our parent body has been involved in community service and volunteering projects spread across the nation. Jagran Lakecity University believes that volunteering enhances students' personal and professional development as it has a commitment to support its many Community Partners. The Objective of the University Volunteering initiatives is to help more students and staff to engage in volunteer work both in Bhopal and across the country. As a provider of a complete learning experience, and being an indispensable part of Jagran Social Welfare Society, Jagran Lakecity University, is treading the same paths as its parent body.
The University actively encourages and promotes the culture of volunteering. By recognizing that volunteers are a valuable resource and do much to enhance the programme of activities and community relations of the university, we involve individuals who are dedicated to the success of the University. Keeping our vision in mind, Jagran Lakecity University has been undertaking a series of volunteering projects. The foundation of this was laid by our first batch of students who undertook various volunteering projects, all the while working hand-in-hand with the Global Shapers Bhopal Community, NGO's and local community.
JLU aims on building sustainable volunteering programs in future by initiating similar projects in the years to come, helping the less fortunate and develop a better society. JLU focuses on developing and nurturing these qualities within the students, in order to keep up with the similar standard followed in number of international universities, also aiming on developing teamwork, leadership, communication and personality within the 'future global citizens'.