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Welcome to the exciting new world of Jagran Lakecity University !

I have the pleasure of presenting you the emerging prospect of contemporary global education and international career opportunity at your doorstep made possible through a unique enterprise based as much on creativity and collaboration as on innovation and re-engineering of the best of academia and education worldwide. 

No doubt, this is a time of profound change for higher and technical education across the world, more so in India as we face the challenges of a knowledge based global village where change is the only constant; the watch word is accountability and competition amongst individuals and institutions; and the gold standard is an unrelenting demand for innovation, enterprise, value creation, quality and excellence. In these profound times we are privileged to be a University that thinks globally and acts locally, that understands that its vision and mission for the future have to be in conformity with national goals and priorities and its integration to global economy. We are mindful that our future standing among the best will be dictated by the present and that education should not only ensure skilling and empower individuals but also entrust wisdom and enforce discovery so as to transform our world for better times. 

Thus the vision of JLU is to distinguish itself as a top ranking diverse, socially committed learning community of highest quality scholarship and academic rigor that is sustained by the best of eastern and western ethics and values. The mission of the University is to promote global learning and outlook by drawing from the spiritual, cultural, intellectual and economic resources from across the world to enrich and strengthen its academic programs and resources in the best interest of India’s youth. The University will offer professionally oriented Postgraduate, Graduate and Research programs in niche technical areas. 

Our curriculum has been designed keeping in view of the best international academic standards through extensive industry consultations and experts’ advice drawn from premier Universities and Institutions in India, England, France, Germany, Australia and the US. The emphasis has been on universalization and practical orientation with the premise of grooming tomorrow’s leaders who have thought, vision and knowledge. Special focus has been on learning from global best practices and developing the pedagogy to impart soft skills to equip India’s young minds as competent communicators as a continuing core component throughout the term of study.

At JLU we inherit the academic legacy and flexibility of foreign collaborations through academic exchange, credit transfers and industry interactions. The University prides in its world class infrastructure, state-of-art facilities, brilliant academic results and records, unenviable job placements and impeccable ratings. JLU is committed to establish itself as a premier and multi disciplinary sought after destination by prospective students and scholars from India and abroad.

I invite you to join us in this unique knowledge enterprise to discover and to invent, to be aware of your potential and the unlimited opportunities and above all to transform this world.

Prof. (Dr) Anoop Swarup 
Vice-Chancellor (Designate)