Students Achievement

Our Students, Our Pride

Shweta Yadav

Low Cost Teaching Aids

Shweta Yadav, B.Ed. Sem-I participated in a two day workshop for trainee teachers on 'Low Cost Teaching Aids' from 15th- 16th December 2016 organized by Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH), Bhopal.

Sidra Waheed and Varsha Shrivastava

Wildlife Awareness Camp

Sidra Waheed and Varsha Shrivastava, Student-Teachers of SoEd, JLU attended a Wildlife Awareness Camp organized by Regional Museum for Natural History, Shahpura at Satpura Tiger Reserve, Hoshangabad from 24th-25th December 2016.

Pramila Bhadoriya

Great Scientists of India

Pramila Bhadoriya, B.Ed. Sem-I attended a lecture on Great Scientists of India at the valediction programme of National Science Week at Regional Science Centre on 28th February 2017.

Shailendra Thakur

Shakespeare is Everywhere

Shailendra Thakur (BBALLB - VI Semester) showcased his exquisite dramatic skills at an event held at Antarang, Bharat Bhavan on 21st April, 2017. The event titled 'Shakespeare is Everywhere' was organized by Club Literati to pay homage to the drama genius William Shakespeare on his 453rd birthday.Shailendra enthralled the audience with his stellar performance. He played the lead (Othello) in 'Othello'. In addition, many other Shakespearean works (such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Midnight Summer, etc.) were exhibited at the event.

Mayank Bhasin

Intra University Sports Fest Badminton Tournament

Mayank Bhasin Winner in Intra University Sports Fest Badminton Tournament held at HNLU, Raipur.

Piyush Verma

District Badminton Championship

Student of MA Psychology Piyush Verma Winner In District Badminton Championship held at Bhopal.

Mayank Bhasin and Piyush Verma

National Inter University Badminton Tournament

Students of MA Psychology Mayank Bhasin and Piyush Verma as Runner-up in National Inter University Badminton Tournament held at Shri Vaishanav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidayalaya, Indore

Mayank Bhasin and Piyush Verma

Badminton Tournament

Our students of MA Psychology Mayank Bhasin and Piyush Verma as Semi Finalists in Badminton Tournament held at O.P. Jindal University, Sonipat

Saman Khan

Wearing a path through tradition

Third article of Saman Khan student of BA (Hons) Psychology was published in the magazine JNICSR Times published from Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (New Delhi). In the article, highlighting the wearing a path through tradition.

Purnima Das

The Almost 'Gods'

Purnima Das student of BA (Hons) Psychology article was published in the Times of India.

Purnima Das

Keep it Stylish

Purnima Das student of BA (Hons) Psychology article was published in the Times of India. In the article, highlighting the top sartorial fashion hacks which are trending these days.

Saman Khan

Social Psychology Concept of Reciprocity

Second article of Saman Khan student of BA (Hons) Psychology was published in the magazine JNICSR Times published from Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (New Delhi). In the article, highlighting the Social Psychology Concept of Reciprocity she analyses the role of CSR in plastic waste disposal

Soumya Soni and Sonali Agrawal

Media Coverage on Crimes Against Women

Soumya Soni (BALLB II Sem) and Sonali Agrawal (BBALLB II Sem) jointly presented a research paper titled "Media Coverage on Crimes Against Women" at a National Seminar on Gender Issues and Media, 2017 which was organized by National Law Institute University, Bhopal. It was a two-day event (25th and 26th March).

Saman Khan

A Forsaken Heritage Accessory: Batua

Saman Khan student of BA (Hons) Psychology JLU School of Humanities & Arts article was published in the magazine JNICSR Times published from Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (New Delhi). She wrote on CSR Strategy for Heritage Restoration. Her article "A Forsaken Heritage Accessory: Batua" was the cover story for the third issue of JNICSR Times.

Aman Sharma, Pratyusha Sen, Anumeha Singhai

Moot Court Competition, 2016

Students from School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University represented the University as a team at 4th Shri Mangilal Pagariya Memorial International Moot Court Competition, 2016. The Moot Court Competition was organised by MATS Law School, MATS University Raipur. The problem for the Competition is based on Competition Law. The students that participated were.

Aman Sharma (III Year, BBA LLB (Hons.))
Pratyusha Sen (II Year, B.Com LLB (Hons.))
Anumeha Singhai (II Year, BBA LLB (Hons.))

Nimish Arjaria

Best Adjudicator

Student of B.B.A.LL.B.(hons.), V Semester, participated in the Parliamentary Debate Competition and Won the 'Best Adjudicator' Award at the FIFTH NATIONAL LAW FESTIVAL 'LEX BONANZA' 2016, the event was organized by IIL, Indore Institute of Law. Mr. K.T.S. Tulsi, an eminent legal luminary, Member of Parliament and senior Supreme Court advocate awarded him the title.

Harleen Kaur and Chandrika Raghuwanshi

National Seminar

Harleen Kaur (BCMLLB - V Semester) and Chandrika Raghuwanshi (BBALLB - V Semester) presented a paper titled "The Real Cyber Wars" at a National Seminar on 'Virtual Realities and Emerging Inequalities' organized by Army Institute of Law, Mohali. The seminar was on the issue cyber governance and other policy issues pertaining to cyberspace. Several renowned personalities including Supreme Court judges were present to boost the morale of the participants. The inaugural address was delivered by Mr. KTS Tulsi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court.

Aadya Jaroliya

Kashmir-Surrounded with Violence

Aadya Jaroliya, student of BA.LL.B.(Hons.)-1st st year got her article 'Kashmir-Surrounded with Violence' published in the popular newspaper Hitavada, an English daily Newspaper in Jabalpur on 14th Aug, 2016. The article was published under the mentorship of Mr. Shivender Rahul, Lecturer (English) for Letters to the Editor Forum. Letters to the Editor Forum is an upcoming initiative of JLU's School of Law for enhancing composition skills among students.

Ketan Raikwar

Bhopal District Karate Championship 2016

The Sports Development Association of Bhopal organized 'District Sports Karate Championship 2016' at Sri Aurobindo School, Bhopal on October 1 - 2, 2016. Around 700 students participated in the event and our student Ketan Raikwar (Student of SoHT, Semester 1) won a gold medal in individual and team fight. Our Champ proved us that he is a true Rockstar!

Aman Solanki

MP - Eleven Football Team

Palash Badal, Rahul Gupta, Vipin Harlani and Dhawal Arora

CIMA-2015 Global Business Challenge

Jagran Lakecity University students Palash Badal, Rahul Gupta, Vipin Harlani and Dhawal Arora reached the national finals of "CIMA-2015 Global Business Challenge"- An international business competition. Team JLU is one of the eight teams from India to qualify to this level, leaving behind other 480 participating teams.

Sapna Sayal, Aniket Pagey and Anuja Gurele

Our students at SIAS University China

SAPNA SAYAL, ANIKET PAGEY AND ANUJA GURELE got selected to study one semester at SIAS University China.

Aditya Mehra Shabani, Lovely Singhal, Manoj Thawani and Ayush Sharma

Nestle Young Chef Contest 2015

Students of JLU's School of Hospitality and Tourism backed second and fifth position at the "Nestle Young Chef Contest 2015" at IHM Bhopal. Aditya Mehra Shabani and Lovely Singhal won second prize for presentation while Manoj Thawani and Ayush Sharma bagged fifth position for innovation.

Saman Khan, Ankita Devnani and Maleeha Asad

Techno - Social event 'Pehal - 2015'

Saman Khan, Ankita Devnani and Maleeha Asad students of Humanities and Arts, Jagran Lakecity Univeristy won First Prize in the event AD- MADZ at 'Pehal - 2015'. It was a social event organised by Social Welfare Association of Neo - Socialites (SWANS) at National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research (NITTTR) auditorium. The theme of the event was 'Using Rural Technology and Practices for Rural Development' and our students were assigned the task of marketing a rural produ 'Neem Datun' to urban customers. Our students were appreciated for the creative approach and the innovative presentation of the product.

Radhika Saran, Himanshu Rusiya and Suji Pillai

The Big Fight

JLU's School of Commerce and Economics along with the School of Banking and Finance organised an inter'university college debate competition called 'The Big Fight'. The topic of the debate was Populist and Prudent Union Budget 2015-16. The competition was organized to critically analyze and evaluate the adequacy or otherwise of government policies and their effectiveness. Three students from our college won the debate.
Winner of Populist Category:
I Radhika Saran, Bcom(Hons) JLU Bhopal
II Himanshu Rusiya (Bcom) JLU Bhopal
III Neha Bandawar ( Aisect University)
Winner of Prudent Category:
I Suji Pillai (BBA LLB) JLU Bhopal
II Aman Bhargava( Excellence College)
III Aman Nagar ( BSSS College)

JLU Football Team

JLU Football League 2015

Jagran Lakecity University's Football team won the JLU Football League 2015 which is Madhya Pradesh's biggest private university football tournament. The three day tournament commenced on 26th Feb and it was followed by league of matches between 7 Private Universities. Making their way into the finals JLU Bhopal won the tournament by defeating ITM University Gwalior.

Nikita Kothari

Our student's photograph selected in a reputed photo exhibition

A Photograph clicked by Nikita Kothari, our student from MJMC program was selected in an exhibition at Bharat Bhavan on the occasion of Jheel Mahotsav, 2014.

Ankita Bisen, Vivek Patel and Mazid Hussain

'The Boatman' a Documentary by JLU students was submitted for the Flim Festival)

After hours of hard work of rewriting scripts, practicing narration, visiting places, experimenting shooting and developing a story out of bits and pieces, our amateur film makers ANKITA BISEN, VIVEK PATEL AND MAZID HUSSAIN came out with a beautiful documentary- The Boatman. The documentary was submitted for Film Festival at Noida International University and the students were awarded by us for the successful completion of their very first professional documentary.

Isha Rai

Our student's showcased 'Gandhi - The film' at Short Film Fest 2014

She showcased 'Gandhi - The film' at Short Film Fest 2014. The film throws light on the life story of Mahatma Gandhi, his contributions during Indian freedom struggle and also focused on the opinion of people, the relevance of Ghandhian philosophy in today's context. Furthermore, the movie also lays emphasis on some important aspects such as peace, harmony, principles of non-violence, sustainable development, alternate technologies, Gram Swaraj and simple living in the form of interviews.

Aamir Ali & Ashish Nag

Our Students in China for the SIAS-AUAP student mobility program

Our students of MBA, were invited to the SIAS International University China, to participate in SIAS-AUAP, a student mobility program conducted in China.

Nikita Kothari & Ankita Bisen

JLU students presenting at IAMCR conference, Hyderabad

Students from school of media and communication NIKITA KOTHARI & ANKITA BISEN made us proud by presenting their paper at IAMCR conference, Hyderabad. In a mob of 2000 delegates, academicians and media professionals, they were the youngest one to present their paper.

Tamanna Nigam

JLU student selected in the Senior Women Cricket Team of MP

Our student, Tamana Nigam of Jagran Lakecity University was selected in the Senior Women Cricket Team of Madhya Pradesh.

Lovely Singhal

JLU student qualified for second round in the Amul MasterChef 4

Our student from the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Jagran Lakecity University was qualified for the second round of Amul MasterChef 4.

Deepu Krishna

JLU student in the LexisNexis Student Advisory & Representative Council

Student of JLU's school of law, Deepu Krishna was one of the 7 candidates from India to be a part of 'The LexisNexis Student Advisory & Representative Council.


JLU Student as the Youngest Presenter at 'Ethics in Photography' Symposium

An MJMC student of Jagran Lakecity University, Nikita attended a symposium on 'Ethics in Photography' by Wanted Series at Delhi. The event was organized by Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) and Aksgar in collaboration with Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan. She was the youngest presenter in the symposium and collected appreciation for her work.