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Student Support

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Student Support

Welcome to all our new and existing students

At Jagran Lakecity University, we care for our students, which is why we provide a range of support services to ensure that your time here is as useful and enjoyable as possible. Our role is to offer you advice, support and information on a wide range of issues including finance, health, issues related to your general welfare and well-being.

The Student Support Centre is located at the University's campus as well as in the Student Enrichment Hub. It is a one stop shop for students to gain access to all of our services and locate other academic and professional support across the University.

Our dedicated and professional team is available to help with student enquiries regarding University systems and procedures, funding, fees and payments, housing, personal support and general advice and information. They can provide practical help, advice and support, resolve issues and concerns, and make referrals to specialist if necessary.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing of all students is of prime importance to us. We offer all sorts of resources to help you develop skills to manage any practical, emotional and psychological issues that may have an effect on your studies. The University has medical aid available for students round the clock; with a team of qualified medical practitioners to provide medical care and treatment. Vehicles with fully equipped first-aid kits are available 24x7 in case of emergencies. You can also access a wide range of interactive resources that enable you to set and achieve goals relating to your physical health, diet and mental wellbeing.

Buddy System

The buddy system at JLU will enrich and support the lives of diverse students at JLU through various leadership, mentoring, and group activities. Our goal will be to assist students in a smooth transition into campus life and provide them with a network to encourage academic and social discovery. This program attaches each freshman year participant with a mentor from the senior class based on similar academic and social backgrounds. The combination of one-on-one mentoring will support students as they grow and encourage them to contribute to the general community of Jagran Lakecity University.

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