Student Speak

Sharing the JLU Experience

Sapna Sayal
Bachelor of Management Studies

I would like to thank JLU Bhopal for giving me a wonderful opportunity to study one semester at SIAS University, China. This visit has given me international exposure in management studies and also an opportunity to visit another country and interact with students and faculty from different countries. I am a better, confident, and learned person because of this visit.

Damini Tripathi
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

I am a BJMC student and today is my second day in the university. The faculty is very understanding, humble and polite, it is amazing to see that without clearing your doubt they do not move forward. I am proud to be a part of this university!

Ayush Verma
Bachelor of Management Studies

Studying in JLU is an opportunity for us to grow along with the university and develop as a better individual.

Tipandra Kumar
Bachelor of Computer Application

JLU is a place where study meets creativity, craziness and fun. We not just study, but are also introduced to the different aspects of life which is helping us develop as a better person. JLU is simply wow!

Scandra vishwakarma
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication)

I am proud to be a Jagranite. The university is like no other university in Bhopal, the campus, facility, guidance provided to students is unprecedented. The faculty is always ready to help us out in any and every way possible and same can be said about the seniors, as from the first day itself they have been there as a supporting hand.

Ayush Khandelwal
Master of Business Administration

Faculty is what makes student a better product and undoubtedly the faculty here is experienced and knowledgeable. Their guidance proves to be very helpful not just in our academics but also in our day to day life. I love to stay in the University Campus as much as possible.

Manik Yadav
Bachelor of Management Studies

JLU is a wonderful place not only for studying and gaining knowledge but also for meeting new people from different backgrounds and strata of life. Learning in JLU has not only helped us in being ready for the competitive world but also helped us in spotting and also creating opportunities not only for ourselves but also for others.

Deepu Krishna, LLM

"I joined Jagran Lakecity University after carrying out my own due diligence and my research on the grand academia. All the assurances have been perfectly fulfilled by the University and I am having one of best scholarly times on-campus under the guidance of the brilliant and academically oriented faculties. I thank you for providing us, the students with such an environment in the campus and academia which makes me believe that this will become one of the best Law Schools of the country and that I have taken a wise decision to choose Jagran Lakecity University"