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There is no exaggeration in saying that a resource-centre is the life line of an educational institute. It plays an important role in overall imparting of knowledge. The Resource Centre at Jagran Lakecity University is also built with this thought in mind.

The student resource center is in the shape of a pyramid which is known to be a very ancient design. Pyramid shaped building were built by many ancient civilizations. The structure has been considered holy, with an emphasis as a centre of knowledge and strength. Traditionally, in India too it has long association with spirituality and meditation. It is said that Shree Yantra is the inspiration for the famous Pyramid of Giza. Architecturally, the pyramid is also known for its strong structure the reason being the shape which has zero area at its apex and a base that is many a thousand times greater in area.

It is a centrally air conditioned building catering to all kinds of amenities to develop student’s wisdom and knowledge. The total area on which it is built is 32,000 square feet with the dimensions of the pyramid being 10 feet long, 110 feet broad and its height is nearly about 72 feet.

The area of the first floor is 10,000 square feet on which the library is housed. This floor can accommodate as many as 450 students. As of now there are over 30,000 books which are made available to the students in the library. Moreover, there is also an E-library extending the pool of academic resource.

The Resource Center also has a medical facilities, printing and reprographics facilities, merchandise shop and relax-zone, etc. catering to various needs of our students.