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Jagran Lakecity University provides complete placement support to all its students. The underlying placement objective of Jagran Lakecity University is to create and transfer knowledge for the benefit of the society. Over the last 3 years, JLU has emerged as one of the most favored destination for hiring fresh talent. We wish to see all our students engaged and contributing to the industry, in various roles such as:

Fundamental practitioners on ground where their proficiency and capability is much needed

Benefactors to policy making, implementation and evaluation

Researchers adding to knowledge in their chosen field

The Student Placement Policy of Jagran Lakecity University’s Training & Placement Cell (T&P Cell) applies to all the training and placement activities offered to students by the University. All interested students must register with the T&P Cell and update their profile at the end of each semester detailing their academic and non-academic achievements. 

The Placement Committee will consist of: 

Members of the T&P Cell

Faculty Placement Coordinator from each School

Student Placement Coordinators from each Course

Junior students for their training and continuity

1. Eligibility Criteria for Placements
  • Student must secure a minimum score of 7 CGPA
  • Student should not have any re-sit / ATKT
  • Student should have maintained a minimum of 75% attendance
  • Student should have successfully completed the summer internship

2. Pre-Placement Policy
  • The students will be counseled by the trainers to chalk out their career plan - whether to pursue higher education or to seek employment.
  • Pre-placement training will be based on credits and will be considered as a part of the internal evaluation of the students.
  • Compulsory attendance would be required for pre-placement activities
  • The job openings obtained from the companies will be put up on notice board and will also be emailed to the Faculty &  Student Placement Coordinator. This may include a profile of the company, as well as the eligibility criteria for applying   (degree, academic cut-offs like CGPA, attendance records and any company specific eligibility norms etc.)
  • Details of the company's recruitment procedure viz. resumes submission deadlines, written tests if any and date for interviews etc. along with the details of the salary offered will also be notified to the concerned parties

3. Process
  • The T & P Cell has no objection or interference with off-campus applications to companies/ organizations. However, the students are required to provide the requisite contacts of any off-campus recruiters.

4. Dress Code
  • All students shall be required to appear for any of the Pre – Placement, Placement related processes in proper formal dressing
  • Wearing University blazer is mandatory during all placement procedures whether it is within or outside University campus
  • Students should always be in possession of their University ID cards while attending any Pre-Placement or Placement related activity 

5. One Student – One Job
  • If a student gets a job offer from a company towards final placement, the student will have 7 days to respond to the offer. If the student does not respond within 7 days, the offer will be considered null and void and the student will be barred from future placement opportunities.
  • If a student accepts a job offer from another company while he/she holds a valid offer from a different company, he/she must give a letter of regret to the company, which offered the first job and a letter of acceptance to the second.
  • Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) must be routed through the T&P Cell. Failure to inform the Placements Cell of the offer could invite debarment from the Placements

6. Withdrawal Process from Placements
  • Any student who has applied for a particular company can withdraw from the company during the pre-placement activity.   Once the selection procedure has started, students cannot withdraw at any stage.
  • If a student does not appear for interview after giving the nomination and confirmation during pre-placement activity, he/she will be debarred from future appearing in future placement activities.
  • After accepting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance before joining the company who placed the offer, he/she must inform the company concerned through the T&P Cell immediately.