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Adventure and Trekking

For the adrenaline junkies out there, this is the perfect community where fun activities like local trekking, adventure sports, in-house camps and activities and adventure tours are conducted. This is the perfect place for the students who live off the escapade.


Unlike a normal sports community, this group will enable the students to be a part of any sports tournament happening around the city with constant updates. There is a live blog and video section where students may post information about an upcoming event or their achievements. It is a great platform for the sport lovers in the campus.


This community is an amazing opportunity for the dance and music lovers on campus. From having access to first-hand information about competitions and shows around the city to having the opportunity of being the cultural task force of the university, this group has it all.


The creative community gives its students a chance to pacify their artistic sides. Being a part of this community, a student gets the chance to be a part of the creative team in a university. From planning an event to its execution and the brainstorming in between, this community will serve to the imaginative side of you boundlessly.


Keeping yourself updated about the University trends will now be easy thanks to the BuzzAround Community. From what is trending in the city to,every happening detail of the city can be posted onto this group. All the trending topics and events will be undertaken in this community to give it’s members the best of both worlds. As the name suggests, this group will serve you with updates of all that is going around hot on the silver salver.


Just enrolling oneself in a course does not decide their destiny. The career community of student services cell fine tunes the students professionally by providing counselling and personality development classes. The art of resume writing, CV and cover letter preparations are also taught along with certified diploma programs.


As the name suggests, the literary community is a great platform for the literature lovers on campus. Being a part of this community will present numerous opportunities for the students to be a part of book launches, book fairs, and many more events that readers and writers would be love to be a part of.


This community is an interest group created for all the students in the campus who love the art of photography. It is for all the students who have the zeal to click picture and bring lives to still images. Photography community will also help students develop the skill and vision needed to be a photographer by properly training and assisting them by mentors and trainers.