Our Schools

The Sports office at the University offers the opportunity to practice, receive training and compete in various disciplines such as Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, table tennis to name a few. 

The University campus houses facilities such as a well equipped gymnasium with a fitness trainer to assist students, a huge hall to facilitate fitness programs such as aerobics, kick boxing, yoga and other classes. The campus boasts of a football pitch, basketball and tennis courts, indoor game room with table tennis, chess & carom. A half Olympic size swimming pool is available to all students along with the provision of an instructor to train students in the sport.

We support student development through a variety of creative programs, while cultivating JLU’s rich, competitive athletic tradition. The goals of the University are to promote a commitment to a high standard regarding health and fitness; to support social and recreational interactions; and to offer students the opportunity to develop athletic skills in an equitable manner.