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We want to ensure that the best and brightest talent can realise their potential and come and study at one of our eight schools, irrespective of the student’s personal financial circumstances.
We are most grateful to the generosity of our current supporters, both individual donors, trusts and foundations and companies, whose donations make such a difference to our students, enabling them to take up their places at our Schools, through fully or part funding their course fee, or contributing towards the costs of living in Bhopal and on campus.
Scholarships and Freeships can be made to support students across the University, or focused towards a particular school or indeed course.
We currently offer more than 100 Scholarships and Freeships to our students, made possible by donations from Individuals, Companies and Trusts & Foundations, as well as through the Chancellors Scholarships and Freeships. With a student body of over 2,000 students, it is our aim to significantly increase the number of these awards offered to our student.

To find out about Scholarships and Freeships currently available please visit JLU Scholarship