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As new students moves into their classes, when an igniting mind lectures on campus as a faculty member makes a pioneering innovation or national football championships’ get underway. Sunburn rocks the JLU campus. JLU’s photo and multimedia team captures it all. This section provides the following resources:



  • JLU photographers are active on campus and around the world, providing insight into JLU faculty and staff, news, and events. A large library of stock images is available for use by members of the JLU community and the media.
  • In addition, a selection of images is available for download by the media. 

Copyright and Permissions

JLU owns the copyright and all other rights to the photos appearing in this gallery. News organizations have JLU’s permission to publish the photos in connection with news articles about JLU, provided that the photo is not altered in any way (other than for formatting purposes) and that such use does not state or otherwise imply the approval or endorsement by JLU or any JLU School, unit, division, or affiliate of the article’s content, the news organization, or any other organization, person, product, or service. The display of the photo must credit JLUCO, preferably with the name of the photographer, when available.

  • Campus Photos
  • Sports Photos
  • Events Photos
  • Facilities Photos



JLUCO has a library of b-roll- which includes campus panoramas- available for use by the media. To request access to this footage, please email

JLU on YouTube

JLU’s YouTube channel shares video content about life and learning that takes place on campus and around the world. Embed code is provided for sharing on other sites.

Lakecity Live


Lakecity Voice

Request a Permit

  • Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.
  • JLU’s primary mission is to support teaching and learning activities. For this reason, the University has put in place a number of policies to ensure that students, faculty, and staff can pursue academic endeavors with as little hindrance as possible. Reporting, photographing, and videotaping are prohibited on campus without prior permission.
  • JLUCO reserve the right to decline your request to film on campus if it is not considered in the best interest of the University.
  • Commercial filming is not allowed anywhere on campus
  • Filming is not permitted inside of Hostels, cafeterias, or classrooms. Filming in these locations is considered inherently disruptive of the function of the university.
  • Due to trademark implications, any photography or videotaping which portrays official signs, logos or emblems of JLU or its schools needs advance permission of the JLU Trademark Office (exceptions are made for press that are invited to cover University events)
  • Verbal consent must be obtained from students in advance who appear in wide shots on campus.
  • JLU students and faculty should contact their school’s communications office about filming on campus. Students and faculty may not engage in filming or photography on University property for the use of commercial purposes
  • Third parties using University facilities may not use the names and trademarks of JLU as props or to imply JLU’s endorsement of the third party’s products, services or organization
  • Filming B-roll is prohibited in JLU Campus & SEH. To request access to b-roll, please email
  • To request a filming/photography permit, please click here.