Declaratio Meritum to Shri Neelabh Banerjee, the celebrated cartoonist and illustrator par excellence, on the conferment of Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate), on 20th September 2015.

Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal presents this citation having unanimously agreed to confer the Honoris Causa Honorary Degree of Doctor of Arts ( Media and Communication) upon Shri Neelabh Banerjee, world’s leading cartoonist and communicator.

Champion of Indian cartooning and visual Arts, the world is his canvas. As a creative story teller and illustrator, he has produced an irresistible blend of visual pieces, graphics & illustrations that have served cartoon art and political satire for nearly 30 years, which greatly merits recognition by the University. Before coming to Jagran Lakecity University, Neelabh received numerous honors at national & International level, as the Times of India’s National Art and Illustration Editor, where he served for almost 25 years and currently serves as the National Creative Director at Reliance Industries Ltd.

Mr.Neelabh Banerjee has been recognized as India’s pre-eminent cartoonist who brings great courage, insight and integrity to national discourse on current affairs and political satire. Signing as @NeelabhToons, his cartoons and animation series named Breaking Toons are now seen featuring in short animations. Here, he is a bird who flies into newsy situations where no other media person can! These works appear on CNN-IBN, IBN7 and ETV channels and on numerous other global platforms.

Shri Neelabh Banerjee was born on 28th August 1963 in Lucknow in a family of distinguished illustrators and famed cartoonists. Neelabh learned at an early age the intricacies of global politics, satire and funny side of political discourse, while retaining the sensitivity and objectiveness of news and opinion. From comic strip called 'Gardhab Das', which he created in his teens to the popular comic strip Dubyaman to Breaking Toons, Neelabh’s creativity and excellence in visual communication has opened windows to new levels of storytelling and media understanding not only in India but worldwide.

Neelabh represented India in the Asian cartoon exhibition 2000 in Tokyo, Japan where he studied the Manga style of cartoon art and brought the influence back to India. In 2005 he was invited to be India representative on Nice Tourism Board, France. The State Department of United States of America recognized his contributions by inviting him to be their visitor of the year in 2010. Walt Disney Company & Disney imagineers, in 2013, collaborated with Neelabh, by seeking his advice and ideas for their forthcoming films and animations for the global audiences. Neelabh was responsible for designing and providing artwork for the Times of India group’s 175th year commemoration stamp, released by the President of India Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee. He was again honoured in 2014 when the Times of India group brought out a collection of TOI cartoons right from 1952 onwards in form of a book- “Jest in Time”. Neelabh’s 30 years long journey as a print cartoonist is captured in that.

Indeed his contributions to the ideas and leadership to the cultural and artistic life of the Nation and media has inspired hope and creativity in areas of communication and arts. For Jagran Lakecity University it is an honor to confer upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Arts. We feel proud to associate you with us as a distinguished alumnus of our University and hope to get your guidance in shaping the future of our students.