About Us

Jagran Lakecity University brings a unique advantage to its students through the Industry Mentoring Program. Industry Mentoring Program (IMP) is an innovative personal development scheme with a primary focus on giving students a chance to gain an in-depth perspective of the industry. Our students will be studying diverse disciplines such as management, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, advertising and law, their academic curriculum cannot replicate the realities of working in the industry they will one day find themselves.

At its core the IMP is a chance for participating students to step ahead of the pack. By meeting someone who is working in the area they are interested in, students will be able to gain valuable insight which can help them make more informed career choices. This program is designed to inspire, motivate and educate students about employment opportunities pushing them to take a proactive approach to pursuing their vocation.

The mentoring experience is intended to be largely informal, with the specifics left to the discretion of the individual student and mentor. It is generally expected that students and their mentors will meet at least once a fortnight using any form of communication depending on the location and schedule of the mentor. The program will be conducted from the second year for students pursuing their undergraduate studies. The postgraduate student will be able to take advantage of this program from day one of commencement of their respective course. At the start of the program, participants draw up a Mentoring Agreement, listing the activities they plan to undertake during the duration of the program. Mentoring activities may include some or all of the following:

  • Discussion of workplace/employment-related issues with their mentor.
  • Attendance at workplace or professional association meetings.
  • Professional networking.
  • Obtaining assistance with the development of an appropriate resume and effective interview skills.


Internships Available