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The School of Media and Communication expands students' knowledge and skills to create, evaluate, and manage media content and organizations. With the urban and global communities as their living laboratories, students draw on their creativity, entrepreneurship, intellectual curiosity and analytical abilities to navigate digital media in our global society.
Theory and practice are integrated into all areas of study both at undergraduate and Post graduate levels. The students learn how to produce, evaluate and manage media content for traditional and emerging media in a variety of genres, including information (news and documentary), music, comedy, sports, drama, and commercial and noncommercial persuasion campaigns.

They study institutions that create, distribute and investigate media products (e.g., production studios, television and radio networks and audience measurement companies) and learn how to create and operate successful media businesses. Media Studies & Production students learn to think purposefully and critically about media, and examine media roles in history, culture and society from many perspectives. They also learn how to act ethically as they interact with the world both in careers in media institutions and as media consuming and producing citizens.

To keep up with the rapid advances in technology, the School of Media and Communication's studio hardware and software are updated on a yearly basis. This ensures that our graduating students are proficient with the latest industry standards as they head into the workplace.

The above practicum aspects of study are carried out at full fledged Media Production, Print, Photography, and Audio studios at SoMC.

Media Production Studios :: A 3-D Virtual TV Studio

A professional-grade digital television studio with 3G, and Internet multicast capabilities. The SoMC media production studio is a multi-use space for studio photography, interviews, video production, print design and production, web design and digital communication tools, computers, animation & graphics and video broadcasting. The studio is a key work space for students in media and communication production courses, and it is the main lab location for JLULive, Comma and JLU Chronicle. The SoMC's student groups, produce monthly newscasts, edutainment shows, Dug-Outs, newsletter publications, audiographies and live recordings in the production studio year-round.

Technology and studio production equipment includes:

  • HD studio cameras
  • Multi-source video broadcast switcher that integrates video, audio and camera feeds from the studio with custom SOMC news graphics and studio technology
  • Studio lighting for video including a customizable lighting grid, portable light kits.
  • Teleprompters and news rundown creating software
  • Live streaming and cable broadcast
  • Studio backgrounds and set options include:
  • News desk for up to 10 people
  • Customizable interview set
  • Interchangeable set pieces, including video monitors, coffee tables, and podiums
  • Variety of backgrounds for portraits, interviews, and newscasts, including solid black, white, grey and blue, and a news set background inspired by the CNN IBN, Times Now, National Geographic, TLC channels and designed by SoMC staff and students

The media production studio is a work space that is available to all SoMC students and can be reserved for student use

Audio Recording & Production Studios

SoMC has one fully equipped audio recording studio that hosts podcasting, in-person interviews, phone interviews and voice-over recording. Students in all majors batches across the SoMC use the audio recording studios to record interviews, sound effects, and voice-over tracks for multimedia projects and audio slideshows.
The studio, includes:

  • Seating for up to six people in core recording areas
  • Sound dampening on the interior walls to create the optimal recording environment
  • Tables for laptops and audio recorders during recording sessions
  • Multi track recording workstations and machines
  • A Mac workstation with the full suite of SoMC audio and video editing software, including Audition and Audacity for audio recording and Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere for video and multimedia editing
  • Recording technology for recording interviews via telephone
  • Studio microphone set up to record voice-overs and interviews directly to the computer
  • Sound dampening on the interior walls to create the optimal recording environment

The audio recording studios are work spaces that are available to all SoMC students and can be reserved for student use

Print Lab

From the page to the screen to the environment, print design, technology, layouting and graphic design is central to how we construct and convey meaning within communication design. The print and design labs at SoMC provides students with a robust working knowledge of print design, newspaper & magazine layouting design, branding, and dynamic media (experience design). Our students learn by doing in studio classes led by a faculty of practicing print technology & layouting experts. Students are challenged to develop design solutions while experimenting with a wide range of media including package design, book and magazine layouts, interactive communication, letterpress, and the creation of graphic identities and branded experiences.

Multimedia journalism students train in all aspects of writing, editing, layout and design of newspapers. Students work for the JLU Chronicle, for at least one semester as part of a reporting class, and many continue their involvement beyond that module. Most graduates find employment at daily or weekly print and online newspapers.

Photography Studios
  • The Photography modules & courses as Program of academic programs are taught with an emphasis on personal vision, experimentation, and an understanding of the history of photography and the body of criticism that surrounds it. Students are introduced to a wide array of both film-based and digital tools; they become well-versed in the medium's technical and aesthetic traditions while exploring contemporary directions through slide lectures and critiques. Our curriculum covers both analog and digital production and offers a wide variety of elective courses providing a strong foundation for critical thinking, collaboration, and a career in photographic arts
  • The photography practical's and practice is hosted by full fledged Advertising Design shoots and photography Studio at SoMC. A full-scale professional advertising and design photography shooting studio
  • Studio lighting for analogue and digital photography, including a customizable lighting grid, portable light kits.

Our large photography facilities include a integrated digital facility with high quality printers, scanners and student workstations. Our analog black & white developing and printing areas are central to our curriculum with one darkroom. The studio is equipped with multiple analogue and digital cameras.

Photojournalism students study the visual reporting of news. This academic and skill development is for students who have good visual perception and want to demonstrate this skill through photography. A dynamic portfolio is needed to break into this career, and the courses are geared toward producing one. Graduates find employment at newspapers, magazines or other print publications, as well as online publications where visual presentation of news is required.

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