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The School of Media and communication (SoMC), Jagran Lakecity University, seeks to understand communication, information, and media processes, behavioral change, organizations, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, brands and the relationships among them.

With the goal of preparing students to be leaders in journalism's digital reinvention, we revised the curriculum -breaking down walls between print, broadcast, photographic and online journalism, and between skills and content courses. Students can now take courses in mobile app design and development, web and mobile programming, database reporting, data visualization, social media and multimedia storytelling. You can learn how to write for online audiences, how to think like media entrepreneurs and how to experiment with the next generation of technology: virtual reality, augmented reality, sensors and more.

Our emphasis on traditional skills - observational reporting, skillful interviewing, relentless fact checking and self-editing remains as strong as ever. We have standalone courses in ethics and media law. In addition to a large and exciting program for undergraduates, we have a highly regarded graduate program, with master's degrees both in the practice and study of journalism, and a Ph.D. course of study for those who want to teach and do advanced research in the field. We have a strong track record of placing students in top internships and launching graduates into choice jobs across the media landscape.

The solutions to many of society's critical problems are rooted in interaction, participation in information networks, and processes of civic engagement. Societal opportunities include the achievement of healthy people and communities; maintaining a thriving democracy and useful public policy; preparation of new generation of leaders; creation of humane, productive, and empowering organizations; and development of individual skills, self-understanding, and personal fulfillment.

Through a progressive curriculum, students learn the skills they need to succeed in the new media environment, whether they pursue careers in journalism, advertising, public relations or other communications fields. The school offers specializations in editing and graphic design, electronic communication (television and radio broadcasting), multimedia, photojournalism, reporting, advertising, public relations and strategic communication. The school enrolls approximately 200 undergraduate and graduate students every year and employs more than 15 full-time & visiting faculty members.

SoMC offers Bachelors, Masters, MPhil and an interdisciplinary doctoral program. In SoMC, academic and professional exchanges occur across a number of disciplines. The School offers cross disciplinary programs in Journalism, Communication Studies, Media Studies and production, Strategic communication, marketing Communication and the only Media and Communication School in India to offer programmes in CSR and communication for Development.

Faculty members consist of scholars recognized nationally and internationally for excellence and innovation in contemporary communication, information, and media related research SoMC prepares individuals for careers in journalism, media, public relations, information science, brand communications, advertising, photography, audio-video productions, Organizational communication, and development communication. Our professors and students are talented, motivated individuals who explore the role of communication in public life through hard news reporting, commercially-oriented media, political and organizational life, and global development.

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