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If you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate student at JLU Bhopal you have access to the JLU Mentoring program. Having the one-on-one guidance through the JLU Mentoring program can help you fastrack your career and enable you to connect with the mentor who's right for you.

Having a career mentor through the JLU Mentoring Program can provide many advantages, including:

  • Exploring career options and potential pathways.
  • Growing professional networks and exposure to employers.
  • Assisting in goal setting and career planning.
  • Developing personal and professional confidence.

Mentoring is a two-way process and the benefits are directly related to the level of individual input of both mentoring partners.

For Mentors: Mentors share their knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of industry professionals. A mentor's role is to inspire, encourage, and support their mentees.

For Mentees: Mentees are students who want career advice to grow in their careers and be successful. Mentees can strengthen their professional networks, develop skills and gain the confidence to excel.