JLU Intra-University Volleyball Championship 2014

Lakecity Sharks wins the first Jagran Lakecity University Intra-University Volleyball Championship

The first JLU Intra University Volleyball championship kicked off at Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal. The battle for the glittering JLU Volleyball Trophy saw some exciting and nail biting matches between University Houses- Lakecity Lions, Lakecity Hawks and Lakecity Sharks after the championship was declared open by Sports Officer MP Government Mr.Gautam in the presence of the Vice Chancellor and CEO of JLU.

Lakecity Sharks raised the first JLU Volleyball Championship trophy after defeating Lakecity Hawks , at the verdant JLU Campus in Bhopal.

Watched by highly excited and cheering students and Faculty, the matches were played at multiple levels of league stages, to quarter finals, Semi-finals and eventually the highly billed Final.

The Sharks, blazing in blue colour jerseys, relied on athletically fit forward smashers at the net, to clinch the dual in the final match of the afternoon which they won by 2-1.

"This is a great opportunity for the budding players at JLU to improve their overall game, to ready themselves for their bigger meets at the State & National level as well as to build a strong JLU Volleyball team," said the CEO of JLU. "It's also great for potential recruits to be coached, personally by the JLU coaching team and to be assessed as a potential addition to our athletic program."

Lakecity Sharks now holds a special place in JLU sporting history, becoming the first student volleyball team to be proud recipients of rolling JLU Volleyball trophy.

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