School of Media & Communication at Jagran Lakecity University organized a guest lecture where students and faculties interacted with Mr. Amay Khurasiya, chief coach of Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association and a former Indian cricketer. He shared his on field experiences as an international cricketer and 1999 world cup where he was a crucial part of the team. Mr. Khurasiya expressed his thoughts on being successful and being capable as a sports person. He listed key points for reporting in the field of sports journalism where he said- "Each piece you write is homework. Once you learn to sequence your words, your writing gets a pattern and reflects your ideology." He also suggested following the tricky formula of speaking the truth without hurting anyone. Mr. Khurasiya is an acknowledged cricket commentator with ESPN. Based on this profession, he explained the characteristics of a skillful commentator who shall possess a good knowledge of the game, a regular reading habit and the art of decorating and controlling the language while one speaks. He shared a beautiful message on relation between our thoughts and destiny which follows a series of events:

From thoughts, we get feelings. From feelings, comes attitude. From attitude, we perform actions. Actions develop into habits. Habits make our personality. And our personality decides our destiny.
Mr. Khurasiya also cited real life examples of people like Arunima Sinha who is the first Indian and first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. He believes that every human being is born with few imperfections. We must not make our disabilities our weakness. Instead, we must walk out of our limitations in life and take up challenges.
Waving an inspirational goodbye to everyone, Mr. Khurasiya quoted, "Greatness is a destiny available to all but the decision to acquire it is taken only by few. In life, we must not simply stand on the platform, gazing trains pass by. It's time to board your trains as the journey must go on."
A special thanks to Dr Vivek Khare for bringing to us such a motivating sports personality.

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