School of Media & Communication Jagran Lakecity University gave a platform for its students to interact live with Police Personality; Shri Shailendra Singh Chauhan, SP Police Crime Branch, Bhopal who was invited to share his experiences regarding role of police, crime issues and related reporting of a crime scene. He also agreed to be the guest editor of our In house newspaper "COMMA"

Dressed in a civil uniform and not in his official Wardi, he commented that he did not want to act like a Super-Man in some costume in front of students and he would rather prefer to look like his young audience. He began with an amusing tone saying that police has become famous because of the media from movies like Dabang, Singham, Rowdy Rathore where various angles of a policemen are shown but in reality hardly few of us have come across with a real policeperson. He gave examples of how police is famous by filmy dialogues like-

"Kaanoon Ke Haath Lambe Hote Hain
Police Ki Na Dosti Acchi Na Dushmani
Police Apne Baap Ki Bhi Nahi Hoti
Hum Angrezon Ke Zamaane Ke Jailer Hai
Police Chahne Pe Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hai"

Continuing with the real scenario of police today, he described that all policemen have come from the normal population and they give society exactly what the society has given to them. He justified saying that police constables sometimes take bribes or misbehave and are highly uneducated which is somewhere correlated. So even today, instead of technology, Hawaldaars are given a laathi for action which serves no purpose.

Mr. Chauhan spoke about sensitivity of cases as a matter of prime importance in police system and society. He stated that the drawback of Indian Police system is the fact that it is always "Accused Oriented" and not "Victim Oriented." He connected this with crime reporting methods highlighting that all crime stories tell about crime and criminals because it's a matter of conflict. But nobody bothers to write follow-ups on how victims have survived after the crime and how life has changed for them.

Mr. Chauhan mentioned that police have a tough life; they have no fixed working hours and sometimes, even taking a lunch break is against their guidelines. Also on a common blame which they face- 'Police Humesha Der Se Pahunchti Hai', he gave a strong clarification that no police fellow is gifted enough to know prior to the crime that it is going to happen somewhere and that is why a policeperson reaches a scene post crime which is considered normal.

He gave remarks on how people scare their children by the name of police which is not acceptable for him. He quoted; "Aajkal Chor Police Se Nahi Darta, Shareef Aadmi Darta Hai. Masoom Bacchon Ko Police Ke Naam Se Daarate Hain Log." He recited an incident where a meager lady threatened her kid that if he doesn't take bath, she will handle him to the police. Reacting to this stupidity, Mr. Chauhan told the lady that if she had threatened her thief husband by the name of police, society would have been better.

He addressed issues like cyber crime and ways to catch hold of criminals using latest equipments projecting the importance of technical awareness for police officials dealing with such cases.

Concluding his thoughts on crime reporting, he explained that usually clashes occur between police team and the reporters when there is a question of punches in a story and inquiry of evidence because a journalist will want to reveal the twist to add value to his report while the police team will want to hide the bend as they do not want criminals to know investigation details. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mutual understanding of the crime scene and consequences of the case which can benefit both media and police.

Mr. Chauhan requested the students interested in crime reporting to get into action, make good contacts with police that will ultimately make India a better country and will give their profession some esteem and credit.

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