The street has been a site for theatrical performances from the time human beings began to live in constructed societies. This performance involves elements of drama, folk theatre, folk music, story telling, acting, singing, dancing all pitched on the pivot of public concern, conflict, public interest, empowerment, information and entertainment. A day long street theatre workshop was organised for students and faculty of the School of Media and Communication on the campus of the Jagran Lakecity University on February 9, 2014. The workshop involved an introduction to street theatre, its background and history, process of performing and an introduction to some of its nuances. At the end of the workshop the participants prepared and presented an extempore skit.

The workshop was conducted as part of the Ignited Minds series of the Jagran Lakecity University. It was conducted by Mr Padam Bhushan. who runs the non profit organisation Naujawan-E-Hind (NEH) with an objective to create awareness on social issues, through the medium of street plays. The street theatre enthusiasts from this group have been actively involved in raising social awareness among the citizens of our city and country alike, on issues like National Integration, AIDS, Drug Abuse, Illiteracy, Communal Harmony, Population, Pollution and other relevant topics. Naujawan-E-Hind was established on 24th May 1992 by a group of young students from SIWS College who wanted to be united in performing various arts even after college. We started of with a streetplay called 'Ek Ajnabi Lash' which went on to become a milestone of Indian street theatre. 18 years since, the play still attracts the same kind of attention and also gets us wonderful laurels. Mr Padam Bhushan is also executive producer, Yash Raj films.

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