Igniting Minds Lecture Series was taken by Mr. Sagar Hawaldar, CEO Aspire India on the topic "Entrepreneur-If You Got it Then Flaunt it" and "Unleash Leadership Potential Within You" at the Jagran Lakecity University. In this lecture Mr. Hawaldar, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 told the students about the ever growing role of an entrepreneur in today's world and how being one can help you change your life along with the lives of others as well . Taking out examples from his life he told the students that being an entrepreneur is a big learning experience and it develops you as a person. Sagar spoke in a very casual and informal manner in his lecture and talked about various entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the face of this world, all it took was the first step which embarked them on the journey of a life time and made them change the world in a way or the other.

He urged the student that if they aspire to become an entrepreneur or if they have an idea, they should come out and start working towards it. He also said that if you possess certain quality or skill there is no harm in flaunting it because if you do not show what you have no one will ever come to know about it. In his examples he talked about various successful persons like movie star Jean Claude Van Damme, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and their struggle, the fight they had to put up to achieve the position they hold in today's world.

Mr. Hawaldar's lecture has surely inspired a lot of student to work towards their dream and achieve it as well.

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