Jagran Lakecity University's School of Media and Communication invited Mr. Shashank Bengali (South Asia Correspondent, LA Times) to deliver a lecture on 'Traditional Media V/S Social Media: do they compete or complement each other'.

Having travelled more than 40 countries, Mr. Bengali told JLU students that social media has risen very fast as an important medium of sharing news and has become an inseparable part of journalism. He also highlighted certain issues with social media which makes it very difficult to check the authenticity of any news shared.

On the contrary news published on the mediums of native media, whether on print or digital are considered more authentic and verified. He also said that social media has made everyone a 'reporter' and the new media websites like buzz feed uses these resources to cover issues with a different perspective and are a big challenge for the native media.

Mr. Bengali also emphasised on the fact that the social media can never replace real reporting. He talked about practices to be followed while looking for authentic news channels on social media and also mentioned that internet is a sea full of news where you have to make an effort to get the desired and authentic news.

Shashank was alco joined by Mr. Jeffery Ellis from the US Consulate General. He emphasised on the use of social media in context of diplomatic relations of both the countries.

In the post lecture open discussion, Shashank and Jeffery answered all the queries from JLU students. The session was concluded by giving important tips on journalism to the young and aspiring journalists, by Shashank and Jeffery.

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