JLU'S Film Society Launch

Campus Film Society at Jagran Lakecity University was launched by School of Media and Communication in presence of the honorable Chief guest Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar, Vice Chancellor Shri Anoop Swarup, Registrar Mr. R. Nesamoorthy and Dr. Sanjay Ranade. It is Madhya Pradesh's first campus based film society where the members will be given a platform to understand and review world cinema. The members were presented with a membership card for film society by the Registrar.

Mr. Sudhir Nandgaonkar addressed the students over an area- "Towards Film Appreciation" where he discussed matters concerning the future of film society in India in terms of academic role of cinema. According to him, Indian society takes cinema as a source of drama and thus, has a bad taste for films. "India is a country where a masala movie like Dabang earns 100 Crore in a week and an art movie like Welcome to Sajjanpur doesn't even run for a week."

Mr. Nandgaonkar mentioned the historical relevance of cinema in the world and its arrival in India. He showed the students first films by Lumiere Brothers and shared photographs of the ancient equipments used in the film making process. He explained how dramatically cinema has developed and conferred that cinema is the child of science which has evolved as a modern art which is highly technology dependent. Therefore, with progress in science, cinema tends to improve in quality.

Mr. Nandgaonkar feels that cinema is a medium beyond words and every cinema is made by a team where Director is the real hero. He concluded with an analysis that unfortunately, Indian cinema is just a source of entertainment and most of the people fail to understand the science & art behind it.

The session was followed by question-answer round where students argued on lack of popularity for art cinema in India and its poor marketing strategy. Also, questions on writing film reviews as critic were put up before Mr. Nandgaonkar for which he suggested sensible techniques.

He recommended the members of film society to promote art cinema as in true sense, art is the reflection of life and society in the world and so is the cinema. Towards the end, a Hungarian film; Two and a half times in hell was screened for the members of JLU Film Society to celebrate world cinema under its realm.

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