National Roundtable Meet

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National Roundtable Meet
From : 14 Sep 2019 Location : Jagran Lakecity University

National Roundtable on
Nurturing an Eco System for Social Impact

How Public Policy and CSR can act as Agents for Social Change

It has been widely acknowledged that Government and business houses can function as crucial agents of social change through the mechanisms of Public Policy and CSR respectively. They can provide leadership and direction to the society through multiple policies and corporate initiatives taken in this regard. The need of the hour is for Public Policy and CSR to be synergized in a collaborative effort to bring about the desired social change. If both the government and business are able to align their objectives with this vision, are imbued with the passion for it, and are able to translate their objectives into a mission mode, the desired goal can be achieved with considerable success. The Round Table on “Nurturing an Eco System for Social Impact” seeks to understand the role played by these two agencies in accelerating the process of social change.

Structure of the Roundtable

Roundtable on “Nurturing an Ecosystem for Social Impact” is a one day Program designed to help professionals, academicians, researchers and student communities and individuals to spark conversation and connection on two key antecedents of social impact namely Public Policy ad CSR. The programme is divided in three sections. The first session will be dedicated towards understanding public policy and CSR as agents of social change. The second session will be on citizen centric administration covering the three aspects of accessibility, accountability and transparency and the third session will discuss the need for impact driven CSR with focus on innovation in CSR projects, collaboration of resources of corporates and sustenance of projects, identified under CSR obligation.

The deliberations will aspire to spark deep conversation and connections through a combination of live panel discussions and content. The speakers, all high achievers in their respective spaces will address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of CSR and Public Policy for creating Social Impact. The speakers will be given a maximum of 15 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways, followed by a moderated discussion. This will be followed by 2 minutes of Q & A from the audiences.

The Roundtable intends to bring together relevant stakeholders from the world of academia, corporates, NGOs, policy thinkers and practitioners and the Government to discuss and deliberate on the multifarious nature of the domains of public policy and CSR. This round table is intended to act as a platform for leading academics, executives, policy makers, activists and educators across the nation to share and network their ideas for social change and social Impact.

Objective of Event

This one day round table confluence intends to explore the potential of public policy and CSR as drivers of social change, and aims to bring together stakeholders from academia, public sector, corporate, NGOs, policy thinkers and practitioners and the government to discuss and deliberate on the multifarious nature of the domains of public policy and CSR. It will bring together the brightest and ignited minds to deliberate, share and curate insights and trends that are idea-focused and contribute to foster synergies, learnings and conversations that matter.