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Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department is one the major department involving a number of laboratories with a diversified variety of equipments. In order to cope up with the requirement of industries, we have laboratories with latest technology. Students have an open access to the laboratories to apply their theoretical knowledge in gaining practical experience.

Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab

The basic electrical and electronics laboratory is intended to familiarise first year students with various instruments and techniques for making electrical and electronics measurements. Students learn to measure voltage, current and resistance using various instruments installed in the laboratories. By the end of their lab coursework, students should be able to design, assemble and use basic electronic circuits and have the skills necessary to measure and characterise their designs. The lab caters to the requirements of students across B.Tech streams.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab at JLU Bhopal gives our students an opportunity to learn and create the 'chemistry of tomorrow'. The lab concentrates on the development of practical and hands on learning skills of undergraduate students. The chemistry lab ensures that the students work in an efficient, modern and safe environment.

Fundamentals of Computing Lab

The centralised Computer lab at JLU Bhopal is equipped with well configured computer systems and deals with a set of topics that are required for understanding of the basics of different operations associated with computing systems. It provides exposure to computer systems, their components, the underlying principles on which these systems work, their applications and related technologies.

Physics Lab

Every first year student of the B.Tech programme has to perform at least ten experiments in the physics lab in each semester. First semester experiments are on Mechanics and Optics and second semester experiments are on Electricity and Magnetism. In the physics lab student's learn how to use the instruments containing double scales viz. main scale and Vernier scale. Students also understand what type of instrument can be used for a specific measurement. In the physics lab, emphasis will also be on every student to design an experiment for any measurement they have studied in theory.

Advanced Robotics Lab in collaboration with APS Mechatronik, Germany

  • Lathe m/c
  • Radial Drill m/c
  • Piller Type m/cw/s
  • Power Hecksaw m/c
  • Bench Grinder m/c
  • Two Stock Engine
  • Hand Shear m/c
  • Surface Plate
  • B D Press m/c
  • Circuler Saw m/c
  • Wood Lathe m/c
  • Wood Plainer m/c
  • Arc welding m/c
  • Bending m/c

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