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One of the core values of the Jagran Lakecity University is to foster global outlook among its students. The University welcomes and encourages diverse Ideas, Beliefs, and Cultures. The Jagran Lakecity University encourages different approaches to teaching and learning that are both innovative and relevant to an increasingly global academic environment. The Cultural Diversity sets out the University's commitment to an institutional culture in which all students and staff share an appreciation of cultural diversity in outlook, values and understanding. It sets out the policies that guide us and, most importantly, offers practical information and ideas for how we can all participate in and contribute to an active appreciation of our diversity. Societal fields, organizations and individual people are challenged by people speaking different languages, having different values and religions, which leads to new encounters and exchanges.

The Cultural Diversity at Jagran Lakecity University aims to broaden and deepen students' understanding, experience, and critical thinking skills with regard to cultural differences and cross-cultural interactions, for effective participation in a world of diverse cultures and viewpoints.