JLU Centre of excellence in CSR, a pioneering effort by the JLU, works to create a conducive, enabling climate for Indian Businesses to pursue social responsibility goals. The Centre promotes awareness, encourages thought leadership and builds capacity to achieve CSR and business sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues.
The Centre, supported by a multi-disciplinary executive committee will ensure that a broad spectrum of perspectives are included and make the Centre a useful tool, not only for industry and government, but for the civil society organization (CSO) community as well. Our highly experienced faculty & professionals bring practical and pragmatic solutions to often complex challenges. Faced with the big issues confronting the world today, we passionately believe that companies are part of the solution, and we help make it happen. The Centre will also offer a forum where these various stakeholders can obtain timely access to high-quality CSR information and, in so doing, raise the bar for excellence in CSR-related practices in the industry.
The Corporate Social Responsibility centre intends to be a specific and unique centre which comes up with real and global solutions for companies within the framework of multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the Section 135 of Indian Companies Act, 2013, United Nations, GLOBAL COMPACT and which distinguish it from the majority of companies in the sector.
To catalyze ideas, insights and influence and enable corporate, NGOs, Academicians and Governments to promote innovation and excellence in frontline research concerning the spreading of models for implementing and having an impact on social responsibility through collaboration networks.
Be the global leader, in thought and action, to drive transformation, towards better quality of life and sustainable development.

This entails a social process which develops stable relations, in our particular case, with companies and academic institutions as well as with other institutions of civil society, NGOs, trade unions, international bodies.

Twin Peaks of Impact

  • Knowledge creation is the key driving force behind the JLU Centre of excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility. It intends to be rigorous and innovative in its fundamental tenets, to be practical in its conclusions (procedures, systems and policies) and to be relevant to the advancement of academic knowledge and sector practices.
  • o Sharing Knowledge: JLU CoE in CSR delineates setting up specific courses for its programmes as well as organizing various forums and specialized seminars throughout the academic year of the Centre of Excellence of Corporate Social Responsibility.

These are achieved through a well laid out Research & Action strategy.

Training, Advisory, and Policy Advocacy activities underpin the action landscape of JLU COE in CSR. This has high degree of interface with the client or the stakeholder. In order achieve a responsible, sustainable, equitable and inclusive growth, JLU CoE in CSR seeks to bring transformation through a complete programme of policy advocacy, knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and 'on-ground' model projects. It works with businesses and the government to bring about this transformation and address the various issues of human development, business sustainability, inclusion and social impact etc. The training and consulting services we provide facilitate local Governments, companies, NGOs and Academicians in their growth, CSR and Business sustainability efforts.

The key initiatives and offerings:

Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility
An 11 month JLU Diploma Programme in CSR for developing trained and certified CSR professionals in the country.

Executive Education
Our learning programs underpin the professionalization of the corporate responsibility management function, building individual capability. Leading-edge research is the foundation of our work. Together with our Indian and global partnerships, we create lasting value in form of Long term and Short Term Training Programmes.

Consulting & Advisory on CSR
JLU CoE brings the best expertise and experience to help companies create more impact through better CSR. We work with companies to ideate CSR projects, develop CSR strategies aligned to organizational vision and business strategies, measure impact of CSR activities, benchmark CSR portfolio, conduct customized NGO assessments, and recognize best practices in CSR.

Igniting workshops for CSR projects
JLU CoE in CSR conducts cross-functional and multi-stakeholder workshops for companies to ideate CSR projects. Which developmental and geographical areas should companies get into? How does it align with priorities of business and national development? How does it leverage resources available with the company and its partners?
A typical igniting workshop is half- to full-day. JLU CoE in CSR prepares itself and participants before the actual workshop basis the history of company’s CSR portfolio and its CSR policy.

Developing a CSR vision and strategy
JLU CoE in CSR helps companies to develop CSR vision and strategy by aligning it with vision, mission and business strategy of the company. In the process identify resource availability and gaps, identify KPIs to measure and manage.
At the same time, the Centre supports CBO’s/ NGOs in building capabilities and strategy to attract corporate alignment and designing reporting mechanism.

Needs Assessments & Partner Alignment
JLU CoE in CSR undertakes needs assessments of project beneficiaries and concerned stakeholders. Assessments are done using primary and secondary research techniques such as household surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions. Both qualitative and quantitative inputs are captured and analyzed that provide vital inputs to CSR project design.

Impact measurements
Impact measurement is important to understand the effectiveness of CSR projects. A well-designed impact study can also provide insights into stakeholder expectations and feedback on the projects conducted. Methodologies include control group comparisons, personal interviews, and focus group discussions.

A NGO education and NGO brand and capacity building offering, Power2Change, brings advisory in the development of a robust social sector by enhancing the efficiencies and effectiveness of entities operating in the sector. The Centre’s scope of activities under Power2Change includes:

  • Create a branding idea that the public wants to champion.
  • Find the obvious emotional truth that will make your NGO a sought after change catalyzing brand
  • Generate revenues or funding that makes your NGO brand self-sustainable
  • Discover a word-of-mouth strategy for your key publics
  • Create self-financing-promotions that become a source of revenue instead of a cost