Jagran lakecity

Business School

Jagran Lakecity Business School is deeply committed to shaping tomorrow’s ethical business managers, leaders and entrepreneurs, and supporting holistic development of an individual. The School aims to emerge as an internationally benchmarked business school with an emphasis on applied teaching and engagement with industry and govt. It currently boasts of relationships, among others, with CMA and Harvard Online, Wadhwani foundation’s NEN and Govt. of MP etc. some of its international affiliations include University College London, UK. JLBS is building new relationships with industry and leading faculty experts in India and abroad.


Jagran School of

Journalism and Communication

Jagran School of Journalism and Communication aims to be the catalyst of an ecosystem where big ideas are encouraged and converted into defining changes and better stories. The School seeks to understand communication, information, and media processes, behavioral change, organisations, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, brands and the relationships among them. With the goal of preparing students to be the leaders in journalism’s digital reinvention, Jagran School of Journalism and Communication has revised the curriculum – breaking down walls between print, broadcast, holographic and online journalism, and between skills and content buckets.


JLU School of


The School of Law fosters comprehensive legal education to a diverse and talented body of students. The students are exposed to new ideas, international perspectives, and innovative teaching in an encouraging and open academic environment. With a high quality education bolstered by unique work experiences, our graduating students are well equipped with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields, in India and abroad. We are engaged in achieving the prime goal of producing competent legal professionals with requisite knowledge, skills and character with a commitment towards justice, human values and social welfare. All programs at JLU School of Law are approved by Bar Council of India.


JLU School of

Hospitality & Tourism

The JLU School of Hospitality & Tourism is the finest hospitality institute in Central India and is establishing new benchmarks of excellence in hospitality education. It is home to best-in class professionals who have extensive industry experience. The School aims to create hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who are groomed in accord with the latest trends in the sector, with highly specialized learning facilitators and state-of-the-art facilities.


JLU School of

Commerce & Economics

JLU School of Commerce and Economics has formally imbibed the tradition of exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. We believe in harnessing the potential of every student and empowering them with knowledge. The School has tied up with industry leaders like KPMG and CIMA to offer programs which are rigorous and make the students industry ready.


JLU School of

Humanities & Social Science

JLU School of Humanities & Arts Explore human experiences across an exceptionally broad range of subjects . It has redefined the education experiences with its best-in- learning infrastructure, faculty and by laying high emphasis on practical training, internship, live projects, exposure visits, experts, lectures leading to quality placements. With a student centered approach, the course structure is designed in a way to encourage students to reflect on human conditions and relevant contemporary issues. The teaching is focused on enabling the students to be proactive rather than reactive. Students expand their horizons by studying different languages and cultures which helps them in preparing for an increasingly changing multicultural world.


JLU School of


Teaching is about passing on the flame of ‘learning and exploring’ to the next generation. JLU School of Education has taken the first step towards achieving excellence in Teacher Education. The first academic session exposed the future – teachers to a galaxy of learning experiences from traditional classroom lectures to experiential learning in simulated and real situations. The sprawling campus of JLU, diversely experienced faculty, ICT based teaching, rich and updated library, self-learning assignments, peer teaching experiences, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and above all the very transparent assessment system are a few reasons to be a part of the global best practices in teacher preparation programs.


JLU School of

Engineering & Technology

JLU School of Engineering & Technology has been established with an objective “to pursue high quality research and impart research-led education in emerging multi-disciplinary areas encompassing engineering and technology”. The School combines excellence in teaching theoretical principles and engineering design concepts with practical hands-on experience within a curriculum designed to foster both technical proficiency and communications skills. The faculty of JLU School of Engineering & Technology is highly regarded for its strong practical engineering experience and excellent academic qualifications.


JLU School of

Sports Science & Physical Education

JLU School of Sports Science & Physical Education was established with a mission and objective to uplift the standard of physical education and sports science and to produce leaders and role models to make our society physically fit, mentally strong, socially committed and professionally active. At JLU every students benefits from the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The JLU School of Sports Science & Physical Education sincerely strives to develop the areas of professional competence and expertise in teaching Sports Science & Physical Education as a major subject. Our courses provide distinctive pathways to meet the requirements of an evolving sport and physical activity industry. We have a strong interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research ensuring a vocationally relevant, applied and authentic education for all our students.