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We believe that dining on campus plays an important role in fostering a sense of strong community. Our campus dining facilities are managed by professionals and have developed a dining experience that reflects the diversity and spirit of JLU. At the heart of this are resident dining hall and food courts each with its own menu, service style and unique atmosphere.

The unique and distinctive feature of campus dining at JLU Mess is that the services, food menu and programs are developed by Students for Students through the Student Mess Committee. The monthly menu prepared at the residential mess and food court is designed by the mess committee elected by students. A continual monitoring of the food quality is ensured through student satisfaction surveys, comment cards and suggestions. 

The essence of any campus life can be best experienced at its cafeteria. ‘Appetite’ – the cafeteria on campus is well equipped to cater to the taste buds of all students and provides for a perfect ambience that is much required by students after a busy day in classrooms. It also serves as the most preferred location for on campus events and parties.