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At Jagran Lakecity University we are committed to ensuring that your connection with the University does not end at graduation, but is lifelong, active and rewarding. As a JLU Amumni member you get to join hands and network with all of the successful graduates who are making a difference in their chosen fields and contributing to the society. Your lifelong connection with us offers you incredible opportunities for professional development, events for networking and publicity for your achievements.
The membership of the 'JLU Alumni Association' would be free of cost to all students and as an alumnus of Jagran Lakecity University we are here to continually support you, keeping you in touch with your Alma Mater and your fellow alumni. We offer you a range of services and benefits:

  • Swimming
  • Gym
  • Welfare
  • Library
  • Sports

10% discount on tuition fees for higher education studies at Jagran Lakecity University:
 As an alumnus you are entitled to a 10% discount on undergraduate, postgraduate or post-doctoral tuition fees for eight years after you graduate which can open up a whole new world of opportunities.  Whether you’re interested in career progression or a change in career path, we have the course that’s right for you at Jagran Lakecity University. We also extend this benefit to one of your family members in every five years.

Gym & Sports Membership:
 Jagran Lakecity University boasts of some impressive health and fitness facilities in the city of Bhopal. The Lifetime Alumni Gym & Sports Membership is open to all individuals who have completed a degree or certificate program at Jagran Lakecity University and includes access to swimming facilities, gymnasium and sports facilities.

Library Membership:
 As an alumnus you are entitled to become a Guest User of the Library at Jagran Lakecity University. Alumni will be allowed lifetime free access to the books, journals and e-library facilities.

Volunteering Projects:
 Volunteering enhances your personal and professional development and supports many objectives of our Community Partners that we are committed to. All of our volunteering projects are open to alumni.

Invitation to all events and conferences:
 With a special alumni discount 25%, you can attend all workshops and conferences that will be organized by Jagran Lakecity University. Certificates and mark-sheets: If you require a copy of your certificate, a letter of verification or duplicate mark-sheet in case of loss of the original copy, the Alumni association will be available to help you in obtaining these documents from the university.