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Jagran School of Journalism and Communication

Media, communication and information are at the center of debates about the future of the world we live in, and how we connect within it.

The solutions to many of society’s critical problems are rooted in interaction, participation in information networks and processes of civic engagement. Societal opportunities include the achievement of healthy people and communities; maintaining a thriving democracy and useful public policy preparation of new generation of leaders; creation of humane, productive, and empowering organizations; and development of individual skills, self-understanding, and personal fulfillment.

Behaviour change and action underpins these solutions. Journalism, Media and Communication are the key drivers of behaviour change. Through a progressive curriculum, students at JSJC, learn the skills they need to succeed in the new media environment, whether they pursue careers in journalism, advertising, public relations or other communications fields. The school offers specializations in Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism and other key communication spaces including editing and graphic design, multimedia, photojournalism, and strategic communication.

Jagran School of Journalism and Communication (JSJC), seeks to understand communication, information, and media processes, behavioral change, organizations, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, brands and the relationships among them.

Our emphasis on traditional journalism skills – news research, observational reporting, skillful interviewing, relentless fact checking and clear, elegant writing – are foundations of our courses. Our internship and placement partners include the top media organizations, advertising & Public Relations agencies, Event Companies and Digital Communications firms as well as leading development organizations in India and Asia Pacific. 

Across various programmes, we have initiated deeper conversations around new media and technology and integrated aspects like Design thinking, mobile app design and development, web and mobile programming, database reporting, data visualization, social media and multimedia storytelling. We encourage students to think like media entrepreneurs and how to experiment with the next generation of technology.

Embedded within JSJC istne department of Design and Digital Media Technology, which is a

In addition to a large and exciting program for undergraduates, we have a highly regarded graduate program, with master's degrees both in the practice and study of journalism, and a doctoral program for those who want to teach and do advanced research.

We have a strong track record of placing students in top internships and launching graduates into choice jobs across the media landscape. Our school benefits from a committed, well-placed network of alumni and friends.


With the University vision at the core, we believe that the world would be a better place if we encourage big ideas and create an eco system of converting those communication ideas into defining changes and tell better stories. School of Media and Communication needs to be the catalyst of such an ecosystem.


Jagran School of Journamism and Communication’s mission is to generate knowledge and capabilities for students, faculty, academicians and practitioners to be ethical, analytical and creative leaders in a multimedia and multicultural society with a view to enable positive change through media and communication solutions.

We invite challenges to established beliefs, practices and institutions throughout the curriculum and the environment while providing appropriate professional skills for gathering, analyzing, processing and disseminating information useful to society.

We must be future-oriented and keep abreast of new technologies pertinent to the production and consumption of news, anticipating and evaluating their uses and social impacts. In particular, the digitization of news and information has posed both opportunities and challenges for news organizations and audiences. We help our students master these technologies through hands-on practices and encourage them to make sense of the digital revolution through critical thinking.

We cultivate constructive relationships with media professions and industries, while maintaining a critical autonomy based on our special vantage point in the academy. We believe we can help improve the practice of journalism amid digital disruption through relevant research, teaching, and service.

We exist to elevate the profession and serve the professional.

While our interdisciplinary nature is a key strength, we also affirm the intellectual importance of the study of journalism. We wish to lead, not just react, which means we must strive to be innovative and creative. We are a community of scholars who work to keep current with new knowledge, as well as develop and apply our own ideas.

The school has an award winning faculty and large base of leading industry practitioners who support the academic curriculum on regular basis. We strive to attract and nurture a diverse and accomplished faculty who are given opportunities to remain fresh and grow in their teaching, scholarship and service. Our faculty strives for excellence in their respective fields as judged primarily by their peers.

The cornerstone of our program is the famed practice based pedagogy and well appointed high tech audio, video, Photography, Design, Print Media Technology, Digital Film Making & VFX studios, and TV shoot production facilities along with edit & animation bays. Here, our students experience 21st century journalism and communication management in a multimedia environment including a digital Newsroom. The School is member to various industry and academic bodies. This status means we are recognized that our program emphasizes on industry integrated, a hands-on experience supported by an accomplished faculty and forward thinking curriculum. It prepares students for the journalism world of today & tomorrow. We take pride in being diverse and commitment to a strong liberal arts foundation.