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JLU School of Humanities and Arts

Course Name: B.A. (Hons.) Political Science


Course Duration: 3 Years


Course Objective

The major objectives of the program are to:

Ø  Academically equip the students for appearing in the various competitive examinations.

Ø  Make students well versed in the art of governance and administration.

Ø  Theoretically and quasi-practically empower the students who are interested in entering the arena of active politics in order to deliver ethical and spirited leadership.

Ø  Make them understand the intricate and layered meanings of policy formulation and execution this will help them in becoming effective policy makers/policy analysts/policy researchers/ psephologist, etc. 

Ø  Nurture them in becoming effective social activists and civil society members.

Ø  Help them pursue a career in the field of academics.

Ø  Provide a comprehensive understanding of the discipline both from an academic/intellectual and humanistic point of view.


Colonialism in India & the Indian National Movement

Constitution of India, India’s Quasi-Federal Structure  & Its Institutions/Commissions

Fundamentals of Political Theory

Nationalism in India

Government and Politics in India

Indian Political Thought-I

Indian Society

Western Political Thought-I

Local Self-Government and Panchayati Raj in India

Social Problems

Major Constitutions of the World

Indian Political Thought-II

Western Political Thought-II

International Relations and Politics

Public Administration

International Organizations

Understanding Comparative Politics

India's Engagement with the World


Career Opportunities:


A graduate degree in Political Science would lead to the following career paths:


·         Civil Service Administrator

·         Politician

·         Political campaign manager

·         Political consultant

·         Paralegal

·         Research Analyst

·         Policy Analyst

·         Political Commentator

·         Political Journalist

·         Public Relations Specialist

·         Social Media Manager

·         International Relations Specialist

  • Academician /Teaching



Admission to an undergraduate degree at School of Humanities and Arts requires a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) qualification with a minimum of 50% or an equivalent qualification in any discipline from a recognised school under ICSE, CBSE, IB or State Board. Candidates appearing for their HSC examination (or equivalent) are also eligible to apply for admission. Their admission will be subject to their qualifying the exam with the required marks. The selection of candidates will be made based on their academic merit and performance in the Personal Interview round.


Fee Structure (In INR):

Tuition Fee (Per Anum)

Exam Fee (Per Anum)

Alumni Fee (One – Time)

Caution Money (One – Time)

Digitalization Fee (Per Anum)