Our Schools

Jagran School of Journalism and Communication

1. JLU Centre of Excellence in CSR

JLU Centre of Excellence in CSR, a pioneering effort by the JLU, works to create a conducive, enabling climate for Indian businesses to pursue social responsibility goals. The Centre promotes awareness, encourages thought leadership and builds capacity to achieve CSR and business sustainability across a broad spectrum of issues.

The Centre, supported by a multi-disciplinary executive committee will ensure that a broad spectrum of perspectives are included and make the Centre a useful tool, not only for industry and government, but for the Civil Society Organization (CSO) community as well. Our highly experienced faculty & professionals bring practical and pragmatic solutions to often complex challenges. Faced with the big issues confronting the world today, we passionately believe that companies are part of the solution, and we help make it happen. The Centre will also offer a forum where these various stakeholders can obtain timely access to high-quality CSR information and, in doing so, raise the bar for excellence in CSR-related practices in the industry. The Corporate Social Responsibility Centre intends to be a specific and unique centre which comes up with real and global solutions for companies within the framework of multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the Section 135 of Indian Companies Act, 2013, United Nations, GLOBAL

COMPACT and which distinguish it from the majority of companies in the sector.

2. JSJC Centre of Design & Digital Media Technology

The growing trend of using audio-visual and digital media in the global marketplace and the growing influence of these types of media on culture, economy and on the everyday lives of people, present both new opportunities and new challenges for the world and especially for Asia. Even though India can be generally considered as an advanced ‘Arts-Country’, due to the availability of a multitude of historical and collective ethnic art forms, the mediation of culture and creative industries on contemporary digital platforms has not achieved due prominence. It is precisely these preconditions and needs that were the catalyst for creating the JSJC Centre of Design and Digital Media Technology.

The purpose of the Centre is to initiate and implement interdisciplinary UG & PG courses in fine arts, design, creative works and research projects. JSJC Centre of Design and Digital Media technology that serves as a Design, Media technology, Creativity Hub in Central India is based under the Jagran School of Journalism and Communication, for promoting digital filmmaking, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, animation, visual effects, gaming and audio-video excellence in the Integrated programmes and communities as well as promoting National & International creative education and research. It combines the strength of the Film, Digital Technology, and Arts programs at JLU.