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Universities are institutions of reflection and platforms for generation and dissemination of knowledge.

As the UGC guidelines indicate that “The imperatives of skills and excellence to meet the challenges at national and global levels in a highly dynamic contemporary context require integration of social, cultural, and scientific dimensions into their teaching and research programmes. The university system should facilitate insightful thinking on all issues connected with focus on knowledge generation with an inter-disciplinary perspective.”

With this perspective in mind, JLU has established Chairs in the areas of outstanding contributions by academic leaders and practitioners.

JLU Chair for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

To honor the valuable contributions by legendary jurist Mr. Ram Jethmalani in the field of criminal law and jurisprudence, School of Law has established a Chair of Criminal Law by the name JAGRAN LAKECITY UNIVERSITY CHAIR OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINAL JUSTICE (JLUCCLCJ). Dr. Shobha Bhardwaj, Associate Professor is the Chair in charge.

Criminal law and criminal justice have always been the fields of practice and research. Law needs to keep pace with the rapid changes in the society. Various dimensions of crime have emerged in the past few decades. JLUCCLCJ aims to ensure continuous growth in the area of criminal law and to establish a common platform for those who have stake in the criminal justice system of the country. It also aspires to create a bridge between the vulnerable and underprivileged section of the society and criminal justice system.


Promote comprehensive research on criminal law and criminal justice system
Promote the study of interplay of criminal law with other sectors of study
Enrich the members of the criminal law field with insights on recent developments
Conduct training programs for advocates, judges and academicians
Coordinate with the government regarding the required amendments in the criminal law system
Work on providing access to justice to the unrepresented and under-represented section the society
Work on the development of the ADR mechanism in the field of criminal law
Provide free legal aid to the vulnerable and underprivileged section of the society


a)      Substantive Criminal Law

b)      Procedural Criminal Law

c)      Criminology

d)      Forensic Science & Criminal Law

e)      Law Enforcement Agencies

f)       Juvenile Justice and Penology

g)      Foreign Criminal Laws and their relevance

h)      Criminal Practice

i)        Crimes against Property

j)        Criminal Penalty & Its Application Practice

k)      Socio-economic offences

l)        Cyber Crimes

m)   Recidivists

n)      Organized Crimes & White Collar Crimes

o)      Plea Bargaining and its importance in 

p)      Legal Regulation of Investigation & Search 

q)      Protection of Human Rights & Freedoms 

r)      Crime mapping and psychological studies