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JLU School of Law


Dear Students,

Welcome to School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. We are known for our rich academic content and resources. Our faculty members, a team of dedicated individuals with remarkable exposure, make sure that the essence of modern education reaches the students. At School of Law, we make sure that studying law becomes an engaging way of life through contemporary techniques, inter-disciplinary approach and experiential learning.

The mission of our institution is to ensure all-round development of the students. We aim to instill social values in our students and prepare them to be responsible individuals. Legal education in our country is continuously evolving and we make sure that our students get the best the law field has to offer in current times. The faculty, the curriculum and the atmosphere is tuned to cater to the needs of the students

At School of Law our students are provided with both a strong doctrinal program and a rigorous and varied set of clinical, advocacy and skills courses.  Diverse nature of field activities, conferences and other academic and co-curricular event provide an opportunity to the students to actualize the potential within. School of Law is profoundly committed to molding the students into determined and goal-oriented professionals.

Our team is focused on taking into account ideas, thoughts and opinions and developing them into sustainable regimes. We continuously evolve and synthesize new ideas in our classrooms. Our faculty makes sure the classroom environment is friendly, pragmatic and prolific. Critical thinking, examining ideas, synthesizing and research are the core motivators behind the curriculum of School of Law

I hope that you will take advantage of the information offered on our website and other outlets to learn more about the School of Law. It is your right to want to know more about us and for that purpose we have set out our Facebook page which is continuously updated with recent happenings.

I look forward to your visit here. Allow us the opportunity to present to you what we have presented on various online portals. Let us show you why our students feel constantly motivated and fortunate to be here and our alumni, blessed to have been here.

Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Kumar Srivastava

Director, School of Law