Our Schools

JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism

In the coming decade Hospitality and Tourism industry is forecasted to maintain its position as the world's largest employer and the largest provider of management positions. The School of Hospitality and Tourism has been set up with a vision to attain the position of the top ranked hospitality management schools in the country. Every student at the School benefits from the expertise and experience of renowned faculties with international experience and industry experts from the field of hospitality and Tourism.
Our Faculty members combine strong academic credentials with excellent teaching skills and extensive executive level Industry experience. Holistic development of students forms the core essence of the school and is attained through nurturing intellectual competence within the students at both academic and professional levels. Much impetus is given on the grooming of Inter-personal and societal skills of students which evolves them into thorough professionals and effective managers. We aspire to build our reputation through our impressive faculty, rich curriculum, industry interface and by providing our students with fast-track career advancement in the International hotel, Food Service and Tourism industry.

The School functions under the guidance of an Advisory Board - which includes industry leaders and executives from the Hotel, Food Service and Tourism industries who work regularly with the faculty, staff and students of the School to formulate and update a curriculum that is current, flexible and related to the needs of the hospitality and tourism industries.