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BA (Journalism) - Hindi

School: Jagran School of Journalism and Communication
Course length: 3 Years

Fee Structure (In ):

Tuition Fee
(Per Annum)
Exam Fee
(Per Annum)
Alumni Fee
(One – Time)
Caution Money
(One – Time)
Digitalization Fee
(Per Annum)
Admission Fee
(One – Time)
45,000 12,000 10,000 5,000 8,000

Course Objectives:

BA (Journalism) Hindi degree students are encouraged to put journalistic theory into practice and have opportunities to produce news content to a professional standard while exploring the ethical and legal considerations of the industry. This marquee programme is journalism delivered, taught and assessed in Hindi and targeted to those bright and proficient students who want tp pursue language journalism and strong in vernacular languages, like Hindi.

Key modules offered in the course:

Communication and Mass Communication: Concept, Process & Theories

History of Journalism

Basics of Reporting

Journalism and Society

Journalism Practice

Print Journalism and Production

Broadcast Journalism:  Radio & TV

Development Journalism

Broadcast News Production

Social Media and Data Journalism

Photo Journalism

Journalism, Representation and popular culture

Creative Storytelling

Media Production

Research Methods 

Summer Internship Project

Multimedia Journalism

Specialization ( Print Journalism / Broadcast Journalism )

New Media Technologies

Photo Journalism

Major Production

Media Analysis & Criticism

Career Opportunities upon completion of the course:

Journalism is the business of giving news. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, regional dailies, the electronic medium, websites and for government & public sector publications. The print medium holds an important role in our lives, providing the latest news and acting as a forum for addressing public issues and grievances. Work as Reporter, Correspondent/Special Reporter, Feature Writer, Writer, Proof Reader, Editor, Columnist, Critic, Photo Journalist, Cartoonist.

·         Newspaper groups of the English/Vernacular medium

·         News agencies

·         News Bureaus

·         Press Trust of India

·         English/Vernacular magazines and journals

·         Indian Information Service (Group A) of the government, Directorates of publicity employ trained journalists

·         Electronic medium Radio/TV news service

·         Video magazines

Eligibility Criteria: